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Beauty By Kateryna


Enjoy a glass of champagne with your bridal party while we’re providing our on- location makeup and hairstyling services. Lightweight silicone based, heat and tears resistant airbrush technology will make you look flawless and feel confident on your BIG DAY.

Bridesmaids, moms, grandmas, junior bridesmaids will look picture perfect with our extra touches to make the moment unforgettable.

Book a trial to experience your full bridal glam ahead of time so you have one less thing to worry about on your wedding day. Kateryna is a licensed professional and will create a perfect look for you based on your wedding theme, location, colors etc.
Our makeup products will not reflect camera flashes or HD video lighting so you can be sure your once in a lifetime event is captured at its best.

Kateryna’s checklist of dos and don’ts the week of your wedding


  1. Drink water. It’ll help not only to clear your mind but also your skin. Stay away from caffeine.
  2. Break in your shoes. Make sure to walk around the house or rehearse your wedding dance in the shoes, you’ll spend 8 hours straight on your big day.
  3. Get lots of sleep. It will relieve the stress and help your skin for a flawless makeup application.
  4. Treat yourself. Do some relaxing, maybe a spa day or movie night with your fiance?.
  5. Write the groom a love letter the day before your wedding, it’ll help you from getting too emotional.


  1. New hair color. You never know how the color will turn out or how it will look with your skin tone.
  2. Spray tan booths. Spray tanning in a booth may be a budget-friendly option for a safe, sunless glow, but there’s
    a good chance the color could look unnatural or not match your skin tone.
  3. Juice Cleanses. You need calories to keep you alert and help you get through your crazy, busy weekend. It’s not the time to stop nourishing yourself.
  4. Peels and Microdermabrasion. Schedule any appointments for a peel, microdermabrasion, or other treatments like Botox, at least 2 weeks before your wedding in case there is any redness, bruising or peeling.
  5. New-to You Skincare Products. Swapping in a new product could lead to an allergic reaction, dryness, oiliness, or other side effects that take time to correct.

Don’t forget to call BEAUTY By Kateryna before your BIG DAY!

Licensed Professional
On-Location Make-Up Artist & Hairstylist
Silicon-Based Airbrush Technology
Weather-Proof Hairstyling

BEAUTY By Kateryna

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