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Perfect Wedding Tips

Hilton Head Island has now become a destination wedding location for thousands of couples every year. With wonderful year round weather, spectacular settings and world class amenities you can have the perfect wedding on Hilton Head Island. We have included many tips to make your wedding planning easier. Whether you are local and getting married here at home or from out of town, these tips will make your perfect day go smoother and be stress free.

We will start from six months out and go thru the wedding day. Once you have said yes to the man of your dreams, many of the big items need to be chosen ahead of time. First item is to pick the date, then second you need to pick the destination and location of the wedding. If Hilton Head is the location, we have many local vendors and wedding planners to help you in the magazine. Many of them manage weddings all over the world too. Once you have picked your destination, you need to choose a budget. The budget needs to be given to your wedding planner, photographer, caterer and all the vendors you have chosen. Next make sure you share the wedding date with all the vendors so they can block their schedules.

Hiring a wedding planner or event planner can make your life tremendously easier. The planner many times has all the contacts for cakes, photographers, jeweler, gifts for the wedding party and will help with all the small details. If you plan to go alone, getting a jump on the details will make life easy on your perfect day. Six months out you should pick the photographer, book your honeymoon, choose the caterer, taste wedding cakes and order your wedding dress and tuxedos. Remember to have a back up plan if bad weather comes to your beach wedding or outdoor reception.

Four to six months ahead you need to choose your wedding party, register for gifts, order stationary, pick accommodations for your wedding party, reserve a room for your honeymoon and sign up for dancing lessons. Find the perfect music, entertainment and band by making sure you listen to them ahead of time.

Two to four months ahead the details are really starting to fall into place. By now most of the big items are chosen and the details are the seating charts, guest books, programs printed, legal documents in order, obtain marriage license and contact local newspapers to announce your nuptials.

In the last few weeks you will need to follow up on all the final details, finalize seating charts, try on the wedding dress again to make sure it fits, confirm honeymoon travel plans, verify transportation is in place for you and your wedding party, check on accommodations for you and the wedding party, check with the caterer or wedding planner to see if they have any details to follow up on. The perfect day must be photographed so make sure you have any special instructions to the photographer ahead of time.

After the wedding, make sure you have someone to take all your gifts back home along with all your clothes and wedding dress. Verify airline tickets and accommodations for your honeymoon. Many couples get married right here on Hilton Head, have the ceremony and honeymoon right on the Island.

In the last few days you will need to step back and relax, remember to take a moment to enjoy the day. Get a massage, pedicure, manicure, or go for a walk on the beach with your future spouse and then make sure you enjoy your perfect day.

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