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The Perfect Plan


The Harbour Town Yacht Club hosts weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, and every imaginable moment that surrounds a wedding, for members who are accustomed to the very best. Now extending those opportunities to non-members, too, the Club brings to bear all the fruits of this experience.

The appeal of the Club as a wedding locale is unique, and the reasons for this appeal are both dream-like and practical.

Whether a destination wedding or close to home, the setting of the Harbour Town Yacht Club is distinctive to say the least. The club room and veranda are arranged atop a building designed to evoke Portofino, the haven on the Italian Riviera. The famed Lighthouse, the very symbol of Hilton Head Island, is a next-door neighbor.

The views from the Club extend in almost every direction and take in some of the most photographed and rarely captured images of the subtropical Carolina coast. Many say there is simply no better view on Hilton Head Island.

The ideal of a stress-free wedding, in which the couple and their families can focus on making memories, is given a powerful assist by the experience of the Harbour Town Yacht Club staff. Accustomed as they are to satisfying the expectations and stan- dards of Yacht Club members, they anticipate most things and respond to everything – a comforting thought amid the complex- ities of the occasion. They are resourceful allies, too, in the preparations that lead up to the appointed dates.

On an island of more than 200 restaurants, many Harbour Town Yacht Club members choose to dine at the Club almost every week. This testifies to the accomplishments of the chef and his staff in satisfying an unusually sophisticated clientele. Brides and planners rely on their repertoire and resourcefulness as they seek memorable meals to punctuate a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Brides and planners discover readiness, willingness and the traditions of true service to be alive and well among the staff of the Yacht Club. Serving a select group of members whose experience is broad and whose standards are high has bred an enduring service ethic at the Club.

Whether devising an original menu, arranging a sunset cruise on the Club yacht Mystique, planning a formal dinner or a quiet retreat from the festivities, Member Services Director Jory Vick is expert, sensitive and experienced in making things move impeccably.

Harbour Town Yacht Club of course is focused on an active calendar of events for its members, their families and guests. Opportunities to plan wedding celebration events do exist however in every season, and Membership Services Director Jory Vick assists both members and non-members in making those arrangements.

Call Jory Vick, Membership Services Director • 843-671-1400Jory(at)htyc(dotted)com

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